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  • Christmas Travel Tips

    Over the river and through the woods in Colorado … Millions of Americans will do some traveling this holiday season – the majority of it by car. Of course, winter weather creates a unique set of challenges on the roadways, whether you’re simply driving around in Denver or headed to the mountains. At Lautenbach Insurance […]

    December 11, 2013

  • Claim-free Driver Discount: Do You Qualify?

    Save money on your auto insurance with a claim-free discount Over the years you’ve been a claim-free driver. You obey the posted speed limit; heed traffic signals and stop signs, and haven’t been involved in an accident of any kind for more years than you can remember. You know you should be an ideal customer […]

    October 28, 2013

  • Insurance Tips for Back to School

    College is expensive enough without finding out too late that an accident or theft isn’t covered under your current policies. So, as you get your children ready to head off to school in the fall, there’s one vital “to-do” to add to your list (other than writing that tuition check): a review of your insurance […]

    September 3, 2013

  • What is Rental Car Reimbursement Insurance and How Can it Protect You?

    Protect yourself from paying to drive when your car is in the shop.  You drive to and from work every day. You take your kids to the ballgame. You go shopping. Have you ever wondered if your car were in an accident, how you would be able to survive without a car? We have the […]

    August 15, 2013

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